About Us

Mike Carr Karate and Fitness is the triad's premier martial arts and fitness program. Our focus is on each individual attaining and exceeding their expectations through professional, experienced instruction. For information, please visit the Contact Us page of our site or call us at 336-339-8062.


Summer Camps

Our 2016 summer camp information is now available! These camps sell out each year, so register soon to reserve your child's spot. Click here for details.


Special Announcement

Mike has been promoted to 7th degree black belt one year ahead of schedule! This is a rank that very few people have attained within the Tracy's Kenpo system. Congratulations to Mike for all of his hard work, devotion, and dedication to teaching excellence!

Grandmaster Al Tracy is coming to Mike Carr Karate on Saturday, April 23 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM for the black belt ceremony! Click here for details and to register for the event.



While many people have earned black belts under Mike Carr Karate, NOBODY has been certified by either Mike Carr or Tracy's Karate International to promote rank. Currently, Mike is the ONLY instructor who has this ability. Consequently, anybody else attempting to promote someone under the Mike Carr Kenpo family tree is misleading their students.